Counselling Qualifications

I work in an integrative way to meet client needs, offering both long and short term therapy.

I am person centred but the therapeutic approach will depend on the problem and I may use a combination of psychodynamic work and cognitive behavioural techniques or other skills which are pertinent to the issues we are dealing with. 



  • Relate (cert) trained couple counsellor.

  • Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy.

  • Solution focussed therapy trained.

EMDR trained.

EMDR is a specific therapy used to deal with post traumatic stress of any kind eg a car accident or assault or just a really unpleasant memory you are struggling with. It is used widely within the Armed Forces and the NHS.

Infertlity trained and accredited therapist.

This is a qualification which I have gained demonstrating specialist knowledge in this area. I have worked in the field since 1998 and work with clients struggling with coming to terms with infertility, going through IVF, wanting to explore the implications of using donated sperm, eggs or embryos, the end of the journey and associated loss and much more. I work attached to an infertility clinic and have expertise and knowledge of the treatments and procedures involved. I feel this is a huge help to clients to ensure they feel understood.

CBT trained.

This is cognitive behavioural therapy, widely used in the NHS and NICE approved as shown to be effective.  It is commonly used for dealing with anxiety and low mood. It can also be used combined with other therapies. Quite often an eclectic approach is what the client really needs.

NLP skills training.

This is Neuro Linguistic Programming.  It is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results/ outcomes they do.  A key element of this is that we all form a unique internal map of the world as a result of the way in which we filter and perceive information taken in via our five senses from the world around us. It is often used for personal development.