Psychosexual Therapy

  • from £50 - 50 Min Session (Individuals)
  • from £60 - 50 Min Session (Couples)

I realise that sex is sometimes one of the most difficult areas for couples to discuss. I am a fully qualified Relate trained psychosexual therapist and relationship counsellor.

Whatever the problem I can help you both to address it. If you are coming with a specific sexual worry then psychosexual therapy will be offered and this differs from counselling. It involves a detailed assessment of the problem and then we agree how best to deal with it.

This is a specific therapy to help with sexual difficulties such as erection problems, pornography addiction, orgasmic difficulties, lack of desire for sex, painful sex, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, struggling to ejaculate etc. It is based on a Behavioural approach with counselling alongside.

I will be giving you information and education and setting tasks to complete at home. In this kind of therapy I will be giving advice and instruction so it is quite different to counselling.

This is available in Bridport, Chard, Yeovil, Dorset, Dorchester, Devon, Somerset and Basingstoke.