• from £50 - Individual 50 Minute Session
  • from £60 - Couple 50 Minute Session

Counselling is a way of exploring things by talking to a person trained to listen and help you work out ways to resolve whatever it is that troubles you.

It is not about being given advice or told what to do. I will help you help you sort things out in your own mind and start to work through them whatever they are.

I give my clients a safe place to sit quietly and talk without fear of judgement. If you are a couple you may need help time and space to talk to each other. I can provide this. Then we can start to work on dealing with what is troubling you.

I can ensure you are both listened to and both have the opportunity to express your feelings and views.

I can provide these service in Bridport, Chard, Yeovil, Dorset, Dorchester, Devon, Somerset and Basingstoke.